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Sophisticated Elegant Conversationalist

Being a sophisticated, University educated woman, I’m the perfect dinner or lunch date. Or perhaps you need a beautiful woman to accompany you to an event?


I have travelled far and wide and I’m quite the conversationalist; I am intelligent, empathetic and I’m knowledgeable when it comes to a variety of topics. I understand and appreciate etiquette and I’m comfortable with the upper echelon of society. But I can also be down to earth and mix with people from the lower rungs of society when called upon to do so.

Then after we have a wonderful time together out of the town, we can engage in some more intimate fun! 



Discreetly spice up your sex life, Sexual Services for couples with a wide variety of options tailored to meet your passions, desires or requirements. 


Whether kinky or vanilla, I love doing sessions with couples! Sessions are tailored to meet each couple’s specific desires or requirements.


A session with a couple could entail cuckolding, which typically would involve dominating and tying up one partner and then having intercourse with the other whilst the bound partner is forced to watch. This may or may not involve chastity.


A session with a couple could also simply be having me be the unicorn or third wheel who helps you to “spice up” your sex life.

I’m open to a wide variety of scenarios. As is the case with all my sessions. Every client is entitled to pre-session discussion time.


Wonderful Unforgettable Experience

I’m lucky enough to possess a 7.5 inch long phallus which is quite thick.


However, the length and girth of my organ is not the predominant reason I’m considered by many to be Australia’s greatest transgender top. My sexual experience, charismatic personality, impressive skillset and ability to connect with a sexual partner are the main reasons for my superstar reputation.


Whether you’re a seasoned “bottom” or someone who wants to experience anal penetration for the first time, I’m very capable of giving you a wonderful and unforgettable experience.


When I’m in dominatrix mode I tend to have a more formidable and ferocious persona. But I can also be a very gentle, tender and affectionate lover as well.



Although I specialize in being the one who penetrates, I am also capable of being on the receiving end as well, and I can deliver out-of-this-world blow jobs.

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